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Maca Gold ™

Vital_Single_root_200The Maca Plant is cruciferous root vegetable grown at high altitudes in the Andean Plateau of Peru. Maca was a major part of the diet and commerce of the high Andes region and its cultivation dates back thousands of years.

Upon conquering the Incas, the Spanish became aware of the plants value and collected tribute in Maca Roots for export to Spain. The Spanish found Maca so potent that they restricted its use to the Royal courts, where it was used as an energy enhancer and for fertility.

The Maca plant is cultivated in the harshest of environments where there can be suffocating midday heat and extreme night-time cold, and has adapted to the low levels of oxygen at high altitude, Maca is able to store high levels of nutrients in a form readily accessed by the body.

Nicknamed “Peruvian Ginseng”, Maca has been traditionally used as a general tonic and to increase energy, fertility and endurance. It is touted as a natural hormone balancer and sexual performance and fertility enhancing super-food. Maca is an adaptogenic plant, meaning it will work on the body according to the needs, age and gender of the person taking it. It does not introduce hormones from the outside, rather it encourages the glands within the body to produce the needed hormones according to each individual’s unique requirements.

Maca has been used traditionally for:

  • Increasing energy and stamina
  • Sexual dysfunction and as an aphrodisiac for both men and women
  • Improving general well being
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Menstrual problems
  • Supporting and nourishing the body

The Scientist responsible for most of the current knowledge of the Maca plant is Gloria Chacon de Popivici, PhD, a Peruvian biologist trained in the University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru. Dr Chacon wrote her dissertation in the early 1960’s on the Maca root, and did groundbreaking work by isolating the 4 essential Alkaloids found only in the traditional medicinal plant grown above 12,500ft.

The botanical name given to this special maca group is Lepidium peruvianum Chacon (listed in herbariums after Dr Chacon in the USA, UK and Europe as the botanical name of the Maca Plant found to grow only above 12,500ft) and is the basis of MACA GOLD.

The Maca plant does grow below 12,500ft but it then lacks many of the higher altitude Maca medicinal benefits and becomes very similar in its uses to any root (food) crop, and is known as Lepidium Meyenii.

MACA GOLD ™ is always sourced from the same valley at 14,300 feet altitude in Peru. We maintain the quality, potency and purity of MACA GOLD ™ through buying direct from the traditional farmers and buyers of Maca in Peru, and is certified organic by SKAL, USDA, and JAS, with no mould, bacteria, weeds or foreign particles and most important it is not irradiated.

MACA GOLD ™ is available in powder form as well as capsules and Vegetable Life Products guarantee there are no fillers, sugar’s, flow agents nor any other substances added to their MACA GOLD ™ products unless stated.