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Announcement of Price Reduction on Maca Gold Products – Effective 29th February 2016

We are happy to advise you that as of 29th February 2016, we have systematically reduced our prices to our previous prices (prior to the increase in April 2015).

Our increase in April was influenced by a market of continuing rising costs, and in particular the massive increase in Maca Prices. Our Maca (Maca Gold) has always come from the same farm in Peru with guaranteed purity and potency as grown at 14,300 feet. Through the “Maca Madness” we have continued to purchase from the same farm in Peru, persevering with the continuous price increases and keeping our price as low as possible. And now after a long year of persevering, the prices are slowly coming down again.

Thank you to all our committed customers for your understanding and for your continued support since our price increase in April 2015. We appreciate your continued business and the opportunity to continue to serve you!!

Kindest Regards
Anna Anfield