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How to take Maca Gold ™

150g of Maca Gold Powder will be enough to supply ¼ teaspoon twice daily for 3 months. It is best if taken with food, dissolved in water or fruit juice, or mixed with yogurt, cereal or shakes.

It is best to start by taking ½ level teaspoon twice daily until your “well-being” has returned, then reduce the amount to ¼ level teaspoon twice daily as a maintenance amount (1 teaspoon = 2.8g).

If taking Maca Gold capsules, 3 capsules = ½ teaspoon, 5 capsules = 1 teaspoon
We are told the most important thing when first taking Maca is to take enough to get you feeling better. This vegetable does not harm you even if you take tablespoons of it, you will just waste your dollars if you take more than one and a quarter teaspoon twice daily.

Those with long term problems have found it best to take 1 level teaspoon twice daily in week 3 and week 4 (for 2 weeks), and then return to ½ teaspoon twice daily. If improvement is not seen or maintained, continue with 1 teaspoon x 2 daily for as long as necessary. From feedback we have found this increased amount makes a huge difference.

If women experience sore breasts, reduce amount taken temporarily and then increase again after a few days. If the problem persists, take Maca at an amount that does not give sore breasts.

Some people see changes within 2 weeks but others will need to take it for a longer period of time before they notice a change. It is best to take 2 containers of powder or 3 bottles of capsules before judging how much it has helped you both physically and mentally.

Please remember these important things when taking Maca Gold:

  •  It is a natural vegetable and everybody is unique in his or her body’s response to any natural product
  • To take enough, especially initially.
  • To take it regularly twice a day.

Important Notice
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