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My name is David Anfield and I have been importing organic Maca for over 15 years. Our Maca (Maca Gold) has always come from the same distributor/processor in Peru with guaranteed purity, potency as grown at 14,300 feet.

We now have a problem. There is a major “Maca Madness” happening to the Peruvian Maca supply.

Since July 2014, Chinese nationals masquerading as tourists and apparently organised and protected by a major Hong Kong criminal gang, have been going direct to the farmers and buying all the Maca plant, root and seed available at prices which are now over 10 times the 2013 prices.

The Chinese illegally sent the product to China through Bolivia and Ecuador. It has been illegal to export unprocessed Maca out of Peru since 2002 when it was declared a National Treasure that required a government certificate to prove Organic qualification. This protected the Maca product as a unique Peruvian organic food that has thousands of year’s history. This product is now not uniquely Peruvian and Maca’s quality and potency is suspect due to the Chinese having planted more than double the Peruvian acreage at a place called Yunnan Province (known as ‘Chromium Dump’). The land and the ground water are contaminated from mining and the climate and altitude is wrong. The Chinese are using chemicals and fertilisers to try to combat the differences to the Peruvian Maca. The Chinese Maca was tested by a well respected botanical company called Gaia Herbs Inc and found to have “definite intentional adulteration and contamination”.

China creates a huge market through their growing middle and upper classes who are hearing a lot more about Maca.

Consequently, since August 2014 there has been a major shortage of Peruvian Maca. What is available is priced at least 10 times the 2013 prices (harvest of Maca is August to November).

Due to the new bulk prices of Maca (in $USD) plus the fall in the $AUD, we have to raise our prices. We are keeping them as low as possible with a monthly review due to the volatile situation in Peru.

Thank you for your support over the years and let us hope this Chinese disruption to such a wonderful product is just a bump in the Maca road.

Maca Madness: Chinese Herb Smugglers Create Chaos in the Peruvian Andes

Maca Gold will never supply Maca that is not grown in Peru and at the correct altitude.

BE WARNED!! Do not buy any Maca products even remotely associated with China. Their marketing is very “sophisticated”.

PLEASE GOOGLE SEARCH “MACA STORY IN PERU” to get more complete reports by all the major newspapers.

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Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.

Kind Regards

David Anfield

Owner of Maca Gold™ and Vegetable Life Products Pty Ltd